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Go Green

Go Green at Smitty's!A Greener Future

Don’t let our “old school” appearance fool you; we are serious about protecting and preserving the environment. Smitty’s has been recycling oils, filters, coolant, batteries, A/C refrigerant and scrap metal long before it became popular. A water based parts cleaner has been installed in place of an industrial chemical parts cleaner. We recycle cardboard and packaging in a designated recycling Dumpster. Our employee break room is equipped with recycling bins for plastic, cans and glass. We provide washable plates and flatware for our employees and even our complimentary coffee is offered in a washable mug.

Hybrid Master: Click for larger versionHybrid Service and Repair

Smitty’s Service has taken extraordinary steps in training our technicians in hybrid technology. This training qualifies us to perform tune ups and maintenance, even during the warranty period. Your Hybrid has many of the same needs as the traditional vehicle such as oil services, fluid changes suspension and brakes to maintain that warranty. The good news is that Hybrids rarely break down and technicians at Smitty’s Service are certified to make any repairs not covered by your warranty.


Think Blue

We Can Help You Do Your Part

San Diego suffers a disproportionate number of car crashes during the first rain. They say we’re "bad drivers" The truth is that our roads are slick because fluids leak from our vehicles. Rainwater serves as a solvent that lifts the oils which in turn make our roads slick. The rain washes these contaminants to our oceans and bays. At Smitty’s we can fix your leaky car and solve our pollution problem one car at a time.

Zero Emissions Vehicles

Ever since the Tesla won Motor trend’s Car of the year in 2013, people are going crazy for electric cars. Driving an electric car has plenty of advantages, but owners really like the maintenance costs. While electric vehicles are 35 percent less to maintain than gas powered cars, zero emissions does not mean zero maintenance! Rest assured that the technicians at Smitty’s are trained to work on fully electric cars as well.

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For your convenience, we are here at 7AM for drop offs and until 5:30PM for pick ups.
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