3441 Adams Avenue San Diego, CA 92116

Smitty and MikeThe Smitty's Service Story

The legacy lives on...

As a young man Mike Magers worked summer jobs at Smitty’s doing odd jobs and simple mechanical services. His "apprenticeship" with Smitty was the foundation for the next chapter of Smitty’s Service.

It wasn’t until 1987 that Mike officially started his career at Smitty’s Service. Mike earned his degree at night while attending Smitty's "school of hard knocks" by day. The two worked side by side, seven and later six days a week for years. As it turned out, Mike shared Smitty’s passion for automotive excellence and customer satisfaction.

Mike and FamilyIn 1989 Mike bought a house down the street and raised his kids in Normal Heights. This commitment prompted him to get involved locally– he served as President of Adams Elementary PTA, Normal Heights Planning Committee, Vice President of the Safe Neighborhoods and President of the Adams Avenue Business Association for many, many years.

Unfortunately Smitty passed away in 1996 but Grandpa's spirit lives through Mike as he continues his legacy.

Smitty’s is San Diego’s oldest family-run automotive repair facility. Mikes wife Deborah does the banking, and his oldest son Enrique is the Office Manager.

Hours of Operation: 8AM - 5PM Monday-Friday
For your convenience, we are here at 7AM for drop offs and until 5:30PM for pick ups.
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